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pLaYiNg WiTh FiRe

June 28th, 2003

work is a bordom trap @ 11:34 am

I am driving uo to Flag to see Zippy after work...hehe....I am excited! I am wicked bored right now, work sucks balls...we have not had a person all day...boring boring boring...I am getting bored with my hair length I want it to grow allready so that I can chop it off. I got a vertical Industrial in my ear...yuppers, and I think I am going to go get the corkscrew in my other ear soon and than the regular industrial in the ear and than one more, than my ears streched to like a 12 gage and than a double tounge piercing...than I will be done. Yuppers it will be a good time man...I am just in the piercing mood latley, the only one I am scared about is the tounge piercing. That scares me...I think I cam handle the other ones no problem. I dont want any facial piercings because I know alot of places make you put in the clear ones and that always sucks. Who knows man...cant wait till I am done though. I also can not wait till I am off work so that I can start driving to Flag. I have ADHD to bad for this job. I am wicked hungry man...and I have to pee I think...I hope so cause I dont want to be bleeding cause PMS sucks asshole.
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pLaYiNg WiTh FiRe